About Us

Welcome to A Treasure Thing by Treewood & Treasure !!!​

To the world  of beautiful handmade wooden toys, handmade wooden decorations and sustainable products from Germany, Europa and around the world. A carefully curated selection of the best brands and designers, in the world of children’s toys and interiors.

I'm Tapanat, founder of A Treasure Thing, full-time mama of a wonderful girl, former researcher and development engineer, project engineer. We are Thai-German Family based in Erzgebirge, Sachsen, Germany.

The idea of A Treasure Thing begins when my baby daughter was born and I was searching toys for her. It took a while prepared, collected, contacted the artists and wood makers who made the wonderful toys from around the world for our shop. 


The products are timeless and will easily see them through from baby to teenager and beyond. The best part about our range is that it is so versatile, many items will look great in adult space too. they are from multiple brands, toy makers and artisans from around the world were chosen and tested by us.

Toys are ​Eco-friendly, made from natural material, Solid Wood, Handcrafted, Unique, Long Lasting, High Quality, Toy decoration, For all abilities, Non-Toxic Materials.

While A Treasure Thing curated many of the newest and most innovative wooden toys , we are also pleased to offer and present you our Ore Mountain (Erzgebirge) folk arts in a more traditional style. These timeless creations will be cherished as much for children today as they were one hundred years ago. 

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